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Whales and Dolphins Watching Tenerife

If the whales come close to the boat it will be because the whales have chosen to, the whole experience is so much nicer for everyone

Whale Photo-Safari 2hrs

Daily tour for watching
Whales & Dolphins
2 hours

Adult 25€ 21.25€
15% OFF
Child (6 -12) 12,50€ 10,63€
15% OFF
Child (2-5) 3€
Baby (0-1) Free
15% off

Excursion 3 hours

Whale watching + swim stop
Food + Drinks included.
Capacity: 136 places.

Adult 41€ 34,85€
15% OFF
Child (6 -12) 20,50€ 17,43€
15% OFF
Child (2-5) 5€
Baby (0-1) Free
15% off

Visit the Resident Whales and Dolphins in the South Coast Of Tenerife onboard the Bahriyeli

The only boat in Spain that collaborates directly with Sea Shepherd UK

Collaborating with SEA SHEPHERD NO CHASE POLICY Bahriyeli invites you to an unforgettable experience on a two or three hour sail to visit Tenerife’s resident Pilot Whales and Dolphins in their own natural environment.

During the sail you will be able to see the breath taking south coast of Tenerife, Mount Teide and also the chance of seeing many different species of whales and dolphins that are passing by on their migration route including Sperm Whales, Fin Whales, turtles, many different species of dolphins, Jelly Fish and marine Birds.

On board our experienced crew will be able to identify and explain what you have seen on your cruise. The Bahriyeli will give you an unforgettable experience with these gentle majestic creatures, as we do not chase or bother them. They themselves often come close to the boat as we respect them totally.

Our other excursion for 3 hours is the same the only difference being lunch, drinks and swimming is included

15% off

We are the only boat with a Marine Biologist Guide on Board ! 

We do not use throw away plastic cups on board to try and save plastics entering the ocean with the wind when left.  People buy a cup for 1 euro, they use that during the whole trip and then take it with them.

On board, our guests will be given a fully loaded chat full of information regarding whatever species they have seen, problems whales and dolphins are facing around the world, including the Faroe Islands and the Cove, and also some sad facts about captivity.

Our Crew, all care and are passionate about marine wildlife, it’s not just a job it’s a passion, who never get tired of seeing our spectacular wildlife here in Tenerife.


  • Capitan Jose Juan/Samantha
  • Sailors : Ellio and Anne
  • Mechanics Paco/Samantha
  • Marine Biologist Symon

Languages : English, Spanish, German, French, Polish