Whales and Dolphins Watching Tenerife

Whale Photo-Safari 2hrs

Join us on a memorable 2-hour journey to witness the beauty of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. At our marine excursion, we prioritize the well-being of marine life with a strict no-chase policy, ensuring a respectful and sustainable experience for both our guests and the creatures we encounter.

We deeply care about the conservation of our oceans and marine species, which is why a portion of every ticket sold goes to support the Captain Paul Watson Foundation. By choosing to embark on this adventure with us, you are not only enjoying a unique experience but also contributing to the preservation of our precious marine ecosystems.

Come aboard the Bahriyeli and immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean as we sail through the waters in search of these magnificent creatures. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and grace of whales and dolphins as they swim freely in their natural environment.

Book your ticket today and be a part of our mission to protect and cherish the marine life that calls our oceans home. Join us on this incredible journey and let’s make a positive impact together.

We love whales and dolphins, so we understand how to take you to them and not disturb them

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40.00 € . Adult 20.00 €

20.00 € . Child (2-12)  12.00 €

Child (0 – 2)  5 €

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Whale Photo-Safari 2hrs
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